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Bringing Reality to Private 5G Testbeds (and Other Networks)
5G promises to significantly improve network performance by providing higher bandwidth and lower latency. The reality is that just like its predecessor there will be occasions when 5G is imperfect or other networks will impair application performance. Join this webinar to learn how you can enhance your test setup to ensure that your 5G-enabled products are Network Ready.

In this webinar, David Roberts, CTO Special Projects, CW outlines examples of how the CW private 5G testbed provides a controlled and predictable environment in which companies can develop and test next-generation, 5G-enabled products.

We will then examine the role iTrinegy Software Defined Test Network technology is playing, within the CW Testbed, in modeling real-world networks so that companies fully understand the level of network performance variance their 5G offering can tolerate. Adopting this approach has enabled organizations to identify and remedy defects earlier in the development cycle, leading to improved product quality and significant cost savings including reducing the need for multiple field trials.

iTrinegy’s Frank Puranik will expand on this by looking at the wider network environment and how you need to factor this into your testing process in order to ensure that you have properly assessed the risk that degraded networks will have on your 5G-enabled applications and devices.

Web Site: www.itrinegy.com

Feb 3, 2022 04:00 PM in London

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